Sweet Heat Barbecue!

Reston's Finest

(703) 689-0060 for Delivery

1810 Michael Faraday Dr.

Reston, VA  20190

Had been meaning to try this place since I saw it open up a little while ago, and today we finally got the chance. We ordered the brisket, pulled pork, coleslaw, and baked beans, and tried all three of their homemade sauces. Everything was tasty and seemed freshly made from scratch. Looking forward to coming back here soon for more.
- Brian H. (Reston, VA)
Certainly the best barbecue in the area. We had the brisket and pulled pork and both were very good. The Korean and Carolina sauces were our favorites. Everything tasted home-cooked. Will return and tell all our friends.
- Katie J.  (Reston, VA)


I was out on my motorcycle with a friend and we ended up in Reston after two escorted rides. Just as we were getting hungry we passed Sweet Heat.

I pulled over and told my friend Tony..  I saw a bbq place we just passed and that I was hungry for brisket.  He said okay so we went back and walked in. 

The place looked clean and fresh. Cars were in the parking lot (which is always a good sign) so I ordered a brisket sandwich with mac/cheese and baked beans. 

A counter bell rung and my number was called. I picked up my meal and went back to my table. First thing I noticed was the onion bun. Next I noticed the sliced beef was falling out of the sandwich as they did not skimp on the meat. I took the top off the bun to savor some of the meat before slathering it with any bbq sauce. 

It was tender, flavorful and juicy. I ate half the sandwich plain before even trying their sauces (which were also good).  As I ate others around me finished and exclaimed to the guy at the counter "fantastic sandwich,  I'll be back"..  About 15 minutes later I yelled up to the same counter guy, the same line.   He said that he heard that all the time!  He thanked us for coming in and we were on our way. 

I am glad we went the way we did or I would never have found this little bbq goldmine. So...  "FANTASTIC SANDWICH..  I'LL BE BACK!"  :)
- Ed L. (Dulles, VA)
Got the beef brisket on a Tuesday, had to come back to get it again on friday.
- Matthew F.  (Arlington, VA)
While looking for the Metro station, we drove past this unassuming place. Little did we know that we were going to have the best BBQ of our lives thus far.
Ordered the three meat combo that consisted of brisket, pulled pork, and sausage accompanied by French fries and Mac n cheese. The meat was so tender and juicy. Perfectly cooked.
The Kansas City BBQ sauce was to die for. Fries were nice and crispy on the outside. Best of all was the Mac n cheese! Words can't describe just how good it all was. I highly recommend stopping by here for a bite to eat!
- Stella S.  (Hometown San Diego, CA)
Truly, some of the best Brisket I've ever had.  Definitely a hole-in-the-wall goldmine!  
- James G.  (Falls Church, VA)
My family loves this barbecue spot...  I often stop just for the kale salad - a wonderful treat and enough for a light lunch.  
The pork sliders are to die for and my husband loves the beef brisket.  We also would recommend the cole slaw.  The mac and cheese is rich but delicious...
- Kathy D.  (Springfield, VA)
BBQ is tasty, unique flavor.  I can tell a lot of heart went in the cooking...
- Phila E.  (McLean, VA)
I've eaten a lot of BBQ over the years and I found this pork to be exceptional.  
I ordered the Low Country Sandwich and Low Country Red Rice.  The sandwich came with a ton of meat which was cooked to perfection.
- F. E.  (Fairfax, VA)